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Wide Open Spaces


Dixie Chicks
Wide Open Spaces

NK 68195


1. I Can Love You Better
Kostas & Pamela Brown Hayes
© 1997 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

2. Wide Open Spaces
Susan Gibson

3. Loving Arms
Tom Jans

4. There’s Your Trouble
Tia Stillers & Mark Seidel

5. You Were Mine
Emily Erwin & Martie Seidel

6. Never Say Die
Radney Foster & George Ducas

7. Tonight The Heartache’s On Me
Mary W. Francis, Johnny Macrae & Bob Morrison

8. Let ‘Er Rip
Billy Crain & Sandy Ramos

9. Once You’ve Loved Somebody
Bruce Miller & Thom McHugh

10. I’ll Take Care Of You
John David Souther

11. Am I The Only One (Who’s Ever Felt This Way)
Maria McKee

12. Give It Up Or Let Me Go
Bonnie Raitt
© 1997 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Bobby Charles, Jr. - Bass
Tony Paoletta - Steel Guitar
Tommy Nash - Electric Guitar
Mixed by Chuck Ainley at Sound Stage, assisted by Mark Ralston
Recorded at Westwood Studio by Billy Sherrill, assisted by Tony Castle

Dixie Chicks
Natalie Maines - Lead Vocals
Emily Erwin - Vocals, Dobro, Banjo & Acoustic Guitar
Martie Seidel - Vocals, Fiddle, & Mandolin


Mark Casstevens - Acoustic Guitar
Joe Chemay - Bass
Billy Crain - Acoustic Guitar
Lloyd Maines - Steel Guitar
George Marinelli - Electric Guitar
Greg Morrow - Drums
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Matt Rollings - B-3 Organ & Piano
Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar
Paul Worley - Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar


Paul Worley & Blake Chancey

A&R Direction by Cliff Audretch
Production Coordination by Janice Soled, Nashboken Productions and Deb Boyle
Recorded at Westwood Studio by Eric Legg, assisted by Chip Matthews and Mike Wruck
Additional production at Westwood Studio, Sound Stage Studio, The Money Pit and SoundShop by Ed Simonton, Clarke Schleicher, Jim Burnett, Tony Castle, Erik Hellerman, and Mark Capps
Pro Tools editing by Jim Burnett
Mixed by John Guess at The Work Station, assisted by Christopher Rowe and Shawn Simpson
Mastered by Denny Purcell assisted by Jonathan Russell
Digitally edited by Don Cobb and Carlos Grier at Georgetown Masters


Simon Renshaw for Senior Management
Agency: Buddy Lee Attractions

For more information, connect with Sony Online at: http://www.music.sony.com/Music/Nashville

Art Direction: Bill Johnson & Tracy Baskette
Photography: Matthew Barnes
Stylist: Renee Fowler
Make-up: Stacy Kelly
Hair: Bruce Alan


First off, I would like to thank God for giving me this wonderful life. I couldn’t ask for better. I would also like to thank Michael, for being my perfect match, I love you, my Dad (Homer), and my Mom for all their wisdom, love and support. Kim, for all of the above and for not killing me when I purposely crossed over the imaginary line in the car, all my friends and family, you’re the best. I want to thank everyone who had a part in this project, especially Blake who was my humor, and Paul who was my sanity, I love you both and can’t wait to do it all again. Most of all, Martie and Emily, you complete me. And finally my inspiration: James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls, Maria McKee and John Travolta.


Blake and Paul, what a team! Thank you for your hard work, long hours, and making this album the most fun, creative and inspiring experience I’ve ever had. To the one unconditional constant in my life--my parents--thank you for the years of lessons, coming to the shows, driving all those miles so we could pay to play, and teaching me that, instead of being the cheerleader, I should be the one in the game. I love you (oh...and thanks for letting me borrow your baggage for the song). Martie and Natalie, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share this dream with. You are my best friends! Lastly, I’d like to dedicate my part of the album to my hero, my Grandma Erwin... ‘cause she’s the bravest ‘chick’ I know!


To my Mom, I hope I can be a mother like you. Dad, thank you for giving me my passion for music. Farrell (my other Dad), I am one of your biggest fans, thank you for the stability in my life. Emily and Natalie--you are two of my favorite people on earth and I believe in you. To my precious family and friends, I hope this music moves you like it moves me! Most of all, I dedicate this project to the two loves of my life, Ted and Carter. You are my life.


So many people to thank, so little space--We want to thank everyone at Sony and Monument for making us feel like part of the family. To our other family, Bobby and Tommy, thanks for putting up with all our _ _ _ _ on the road. We love you. Simon, Karen, and Susie, you work almost as hard as we do. Ha-Ha. Thanks to Paul and BLA, Scott Siman, everyone who played on this album--you made it fun and incredible, the songwriters--thanks for the great songs.
Special thanks goes out to Barb, Dick, Renee Fowler, Renee Grant Williams, Chris Rogers, Chip, Tony (coke boy), Jim Lauderdale, Jeff Humphrey, Tom Van Schaik, David2 and Stage Right Audio, Gibson Guitars, La Bella, Johnny Thorn, all our fans, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and all the booking agents that helped us move indoors. To our fellow road rats: ‘Would you rather...?’ Thank you Carthage! P.S. Thanks to the aardvark. Without whom we wouldn’t be here.
-The Chicks


© 1998 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./® 1997, 1998 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Manufactured by Sony Music Entertainment Inc./550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022-3211/ “Monument” are trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment Inc./WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

This Compact Disc was manufactured to meet critical quality standards. If you believe the disc has a manufacturing defect, please call our Quality Management Department at 1-800-255-7514. New Jersey residents should call 609-722-8224.

NK 68195

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