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Time Exposure


Little River Band
Time Exposure

Capitol Records
SP 12163


From the original vinyl LP

Side One:

The Night Owls
(Graham Goble) ASCAP

Man On Your Mind (4:16)
(G. Shorrock - K. Tolhurst) ASCAP

Take It Easy On Me (3:45)
(Graham Goble) ASCAP

Ballerina (4:04)
(G. Goble - B. Birtles) ASCAP

Love Will Survive (4:38)
(D. Briggs - G. Paige) ASCAP/BMI

Side Two:

Full Circle
(Graham Goble) ASCAP

Just Say That You Love Me (4:02)
(Graham Goble) ASCAP

Suicide Boulevard (3:23)
(B. Birtles - F. Howson) 

Orbit Zero (4:28)
(G. Shorrock - T. Bradford) ASCAP

Don't Let The Needle Win (3:57)
(David Briggs) ASCAP

Guiding Light (3:34)
(Beeb Birtles) ASCAP

Produced by George Martin
of Air Studios

Recorded at Air Studios (Montserrat), West Indies
Engineered by Geoff Emerick and Ernie Rose
Tape Operator: Michael Stavrov
Remixed by: Geoff Emerick at Air Studios, London, 
Except All Songs on Side 1, Remixed by En Rose and Little River Band at A AV. Melbourne, Australia

Mastered at Capitol Records Studios, Hollywood, California by Wally Traugott



BEEB BIRTLES: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Ballerina" and "Guiding Light"
GRAHAM GOBLE: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
WAYNE NELSON: Bass, Vocals, Lead Vocals on "The Night Owls"
DEREK PELLICCI: Sonor Drums, Percussion
DAVID BRIGGS: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar

Additional Musicians:

Bill Cuomo: Prophet, Clavenet, Hammond Organ
Peter Jones: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Hammond Organ


Management: Glenn Wheatley

Special thanks to Skip Rickert, Steve White, Michael Wickow, The Crew, All at Air Studios, Montserrat, The Kookabura Gang, John Marx, Maton Guitars, Yamaha

As always, very special thanks to Bruce Garfield.

All Selections Copyright (C) 1981 by Tumbleweed Music Pty. Ltd. All Rights for the United States and Canada Controlled by Colgems-EMI Music Inc., except "Love Will Survive" Copyright (C) 1981 by Tumbleweed Music Pty, Ltd. and J. Albert & Son Pty. Ltd.

Edward B. Marks Music Corporation:
Sole Licensing & Selling Agent for the Western Hemisphere

All Selections Used by Permission / All Rights Reserved

Art Direction: Roy Kohara
Logo Design/Photography: Ian McCausland / Graham Webber, Returb Studios
LRB Photos: Phil Fewsmith
Color Special Effects: Daniel Catherine

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