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Smurf's All Star Show


The Smurfs
All Star Show

Sessions Presents
Stereo ARI 1022


Side One:

1. The Smurfs All Star Show

(Music: Alex Alberts/ English Lyrics: Linlee/Helna/Corbett)

2. Welcome To Smurfland
(Music: Pierre Kartner/English Lyrics: Linlee/Corbett)

3. Catch Me
(Music: Steven Schoenzetter/English Lyrics: Linlee/Corbett)

4. Old Papa Smurf
(trad./arr. E. Mergency/Helna/R. Klunz)

5. Silly Shy Smurf
(Music & Lyrcis:  B. Corbett/J. de Plesses)

6. Smurfing Land Express
(Music: Pierre Kartner/English Lyrics: Linlee Helna/Corbett)

7. Smurf A Happy Tune
(Music: Pierre Karnter/English Lyrics: Linlee/Corbett)

Side Two

1. The Clapping And Jumping Song

(Music & Lyrics: B. Corbett/J. de Plesses/Helna)

2. Yankee Doodle
(trad./arr. E. Mergency/R. Klunz)

3. London Bridge Is Falling Down
(trad./arr. E. Mergency/Helna/R. Klunz)

4. Smurfing Days
(Music/Lyrics: B. Corbett/J. de Plesses

5. Space Smurfs
(Music/Lyrics: B. Corbett/J. de Plesses/Helna)

6. Rock-A-Bye Baby
(trad./arr. E. Mergency/R. Klunz)

Under License From: PolyGram Inc., Canada

An original Dureco recording produced by Frans Erkelens.
Recorded at the Dureco Studios – Weesp – Holland.

Special thanks to: Sander Bos (Engineering), Jacques Zwart (arrangements), Barrie Corbett, and The Smurfs

(P) 1981 Dureco
© 1981 PolyGram Inc.

To order copies of Smurfing Sing Song or The Smurfs All Star Show, please send $8.99 for record or $9.99 for 8-track or cassette tape to:

Sessions Records
P.O. Box ****
Lisle, Illinois 60532

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