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Our Hero Pat Cooper


Our Hero ... Pat Cooper
Pat Cooper

United Artists
UAS 6446


From the original vinyl LP

Featuring "An Italian Wedding"

Side One:

1. Everyone Is Equal

2. In My Neighborhood (2:07)

3. When I Was A Kid (1:58)

4. An Italian Wedding (8:20)

Side Two:

1. The Honeymoon

2. My Father And His Friends (4:04)

3. The More You Make, The More You Spend (2:30)

4. Mama's Moo-Len-Yanna (3:13)
(The Elephant Song)
(D. DiMinno)
Bregman, Vocco & Conn, ASCAP


"OUR HERO" - PAT COOPER - was born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York, and this storied locale hasn't been the same ever since. Pat's real monicker is Pasquale Caputo and he says, "try to imagine that on a marquee". Cooper was earning his living as a bricklayer and catapulted into the national spotlight through three sock appearances on Jackie Gleason's television show on CBS.

He's a hardworking young man who points a very funny finger at the foibles of the citizenry, particularly at those whose ancestry is the same as his own. The tall, slender, horn-rim-spectacled lad who resembles a bank teller has a raft of highly refreshing and different material, as one listening to his debut album will so vividly indicate. His recreation of an Italian wedding has become something of a classic among his ever-growing circle of fans and admirers.

Since his initial exposure on The Jackie Gleason Show, Pat has appeared at some of the finest hotels and supper clubs around the nation. He is the only comedian in the history of New York City's famed Copacabana to work at that popular bistro four times within an eighteen month period. Of late, the top stars in the entertainment world have been clamoring for Cooper to co-star with them, and he has recently completed a long series of engagements with the likes of Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Connie Francis, Bobby Darin and Tony Martin.

Meet one of the most ingratiating comics in show biz - "Our Hero" - PAT COOPER. He is a fast-rising young star who is very much on the ascendency. He is also one of the funniest and most original purveyors of humor that you will ever hear.


Electronically Adapted To Simulate STEREO

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