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Marshall Crenshaw (CD)

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Marshall Crenshaw
Marshall Crenshaw

Warner Bros.

1.  there she goes again (2:37)

2. someday, someway (2:49)

3. girls... (3:01)

4. i'll do anything (3:00)

5. rockin' around in n.y.c. (3:07)

6. the usual thing (3:02)
Jiru Music Inc./Lucky Charm Music Inc. ASCAP

7. she can't dance (2:45)
Cioffi-Todd Publishing BMI/MHC Music ASCAP

8. cynical girl (2:35)     

9. maryanne (2:52)     

10. soldier of love (2:36)  
(B. Cason/T. Moon) Lowery Music Co. Inc. BMI   

11. not for me (2:34)     

12. brand new lover (2:30)   

All songs composed by Marshall Crenshaw except as indicated.
All songs published by Selwin-Mills Publishing Corp./MHC Music ASCAP except as indicated.

Produced by Richard Gottehrer & Marshall Crenshaw
Engineer: Thom Panunzio
Assistant Engineer: Jim Ball
Recorded at the Record Plant, N.Y.C., January 1982
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, N.Y. C.

People to whom we say, "Let's have lunch sometime":
Alan Betrock, Andy Schwartz (N.Y. Rocker), Karin Berg, Steve Baker & all at WB.

Also, special thanks to our attorney Peter Shukat, our sound technician Willy Schillinger & everyone at the Record Plant.

Concept & photography: Gary Green
Oil painted by Christina de Lancie
Art direction & design: Spencer Drate
Location: Abby W.
Management: Richard Sarbin Associates
421 Hudson St., Suite 602 New York, N.Y.10014

Guest Artistes:
Tony Garnier: slappin' bass on "The Usual Thing"
Michael Osborn: percussion on "Girls ... "


“Heart, soul and a sound.” “Beautiful crafted pop.” “If rock & roll is one of your ongoing joys, he’s probably the next necessary thing.” These and other critical raves greeted the release of singer/songwriter Marshall Crenshaw’s dazzling 1982 debut album. Featuring the Detroit-born artist’s vocals and guitar work, along with brother Robert Crenshaw on drums and vocals and Chris Donato on bass and vocals, Marshall Crenshaw announced the arrival of a consummate new pop craftsman.

Citing his earliest influences as Buddy Holly, the Beatles and the driving R&B of his native Motor City, Marshall Crenshaw began playing guitar at the tender age of eight. His first professional gig, playing local clubs and bars, followed the obligatory string of high school bands, and in 1976 he landed the role of John Lennon in a west coast road company of “Beatlemania” after submitting a note-perfect rendition of Lennon/McCartney classic, “I Should Have Known Better.”

After leaving the hit musical revue, Crenshaw settled in New York where, with the help of his brother Robert, he began putting together a band to perform his original music. A tape of Crenshaw-penned tunes made its way to renowned producer and talent scout Richard Gottehrer, best known for his work with Blondie, The Go-Go’s and Robert Gorden. Gottehrer put three of Crenshaw’s songs, including the New York FM favorite “Someday, Someway” on Gorden’s fifth album, subsequently bringing the artist to Warner Bros. Records. In late 1981, Crenshaw, with Gottehrer at the production helm, began working on his debut outing for the label.

The result is Marshall Crenshaw, a collection of 11 original songs along with a reworking of the Arthur Alexander perennial “Soldier Of Love.” An innovative and entertaining showcase for Marshall Crenshaw’s vocal, instrumental, arranging and songwriting skills, the album features such standout cuts as “She Can’t Dance,” “Cynical Girl” and the aforementioned “Someday, Someway.” The album went on to appear on a number of 1982’s Best Of lists, including such publications as the Village Voice, Billboard and England’s New Music Express.
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