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Italian Pat Cooper


You don’t have to be Italian to like Pat Cooper
Pat Cooper

United Artists UAS 6600
High Fidelity UAL 3600


From the original vinyl LP

Side One:

Love & Family (11:24)

Turkey Time-Etheopians (4:04)

You Don’t Have To Be Italian (2:38)
(M. Mandel/N. Sachs)
Musical numbers produced by Henry Jerome

Side Two

My First Date

No Smoking Please (4:20)

Puerto Rico Holiday (4:40)

Conchetta (2:55)
(M. Mandel/N. Sachs)
Musical numbers produced by Henry Jerome

Memo from Pat Cooper:

It seems that quite a few people think that you have to be Italian to enjoy my humor – so let me enlighten you on that score once and for all.  The actual fact of the matter is that my humor is enjoyed all over the world. For example, in the July 16th edition of the French Newspaper, La Monde, they wrote of my last album “Le phonograph record is mais our le francaise.” (We don’t know what he’s talking about) and just two days later the eminent critic Yako Tamanono of the Tokyo Times said "*******” (We don’t know what he’s talking about) and even more recently here at the United Nations Assembly, Zoo Too Moo, the distinguished representative of the new African Nation of LoolooZahm stated in unequivocal terms “Mahzahn Kooshoo Pooloom Dzroo” (We still don’t know what he’s talking about). 

And now I am most pleased to offer my personal thanks to the many talented people who helped make this album possible. Firstly, thanks to the Bronx, New Yorks’ Town and Country Cage for allowing me to record live the spoken work portion of this album – thanks to Harold Johnson who engineered the live taping, thanks to the Town and Country audience that showed up – thanks to Frank Guana for his exciting art work – thanks to Supreme Men’s Shop-Broadway, for my Tuxedo – thanks to 7th Ave’s Hero City for the tasty sandwich you see on the front cover-photo – thanks to my y manager Lenny Ditson for falling asleep while this album was being made – thanks to my songwriters Mel Mandel and Norman Sachs to whom I say “Let’s not do this too often” – a most affectionate thanks to my wife Patti who said to me just before I left the apartment to record the album “Why don’t you get a day job?” - many thanks to my arranger George Siravo who can’t arrange his own furniture, thanks to my A&R man Henry Jerome who begged the company not to release the album – thanks to the musicians who were considerate enough to remain sober during the session – and last, but certainly not least, a most sincere and grateful thank you to the “tousands, and tousands” of friends who brought OUR HERO and SPAGHETTI SAUCE, and hopefully, will go along with YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ITALIAN TO LIKE -

Pat Cooper


All spoken word material written by Pat Cooper

Spoken word produced by Lenny Ditson


All material published by Stu-Pid Music, Inc. and Unart Music Corp. (BMI)

This record has been engineered and manufactured in accordance with standards developed by The Record Industry Association of America, Inc
Liberty UA Inc, Los Angeles California
1967 United Artists Records, Inc.

United Artists Records, Inc. 729 Seventh Avenue, New York 19, New York
(C) 1967

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