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Greatest Hits - King


Carole King
Greatest Hits – Songs of Long Ago

Ode Records


Side One


So Far Away

Sweet Seasons

Brother, Brother

Only Love Is Real

I Feel The Earth Move

Side Two

It’s Too Late


Been To Canaan

Smackwater Jack


Believe in Humanity

In November and December of 1970 Carole King’s Tapestry was recorded in studios B & C at A&M Recording Studios.

“It’s Too Late” backed with “I Feel The Earth Move” was the first single and “So Far Away” backed with “Smackwater Jack” was the second single released from those sessions. Musicians on those tracks were Carole on various keyboards, Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar on guitar, Charles Larkey on electric bass and Joel O’Brien on drums. On “So Far Away” Russ Kunkel played drums and James Taylor was on acoustic guitar. Curtis Amy played flute, and also played soprano saxophone on “Smackwater Jack” which featured Ralph Schuckett on electric piano, and Merry Clayton, Julia Tillman and Carole singing background vocals. “Brother Brother” and “Sweet Seasons” from her second album Carole King Music, was recorded August 1971.

“Sweet Seasons” featured the same rhythm section with the addition of Ms. Bobbye Hall on percussion, and a brass and woodwind section featuring Oscar Brasher Fluegelhorn, William Green, William Collette, Ernie Watts, Plas Johnson and Mike Altschul on woodwinds. In addition, Ralph Schuckett played organ and Teresa Calderon played congas on “Brother Brother”. Rhymes and Reasons, which “Been To Canaan” is taken from, was completed in the summer of 1972. Personnel changes included Harvey Mason – drums and the addition of David T. Walker on electric guitar. Strings were conducted and arranged by Norman Kurban and David Campbell.

“Believe In Humanity” and “Corazon” from the Fantasy album recorded the winter of 1973 with the same rhythm section. George Bohannon played trombone and euphonium, Charles Loper and Dick “Slyde” Hyde on trombone, Ollie Mitchell, Chuck Findley, and Albert Aarons, played trumpet and fluegelhorn, and Tom Scott, Ernie Watts, Curtis Amy, and Mike Altschul played saxophones. The Wrap Around Joy album, which includes the singles “Nightingale” and “Jazzman”, were recorded in the Spring of 1974. Tom Scott made his memorable tenor saxophone contribution to “Jazzman”. Andy Newmark played drums and Dean Parkes and Danny “Kootch” on guitar. Carole’s daughters, Louise and Sherry Goffin, sang background vocals on “Nightingale.”

In August and September, 1975, the album Thoroughbred and the single “Only Love Is Real”, had Waddy Wachtel joining Danny Kortchmar on electric guitar, Lee Sklar on electric bass, Russ Kunkel on drums, and percussionist Ralph MacDonald. Except where noted, Carole King played all keyboards, sang all background vocals, and arranged and conducted all tracks. Graphics for this album were designed by Chuck Beeson, illustrated by Chuck Ren and hand lettered by Mike Manoogian. Norman Kinney was the engineer on “Jazzman” and “Nightingale.” All other tracks and this album were engineered by Hank Cicalo. Second engineers included Tommy Vicari, Steve Mitchell, Norm Kinney and Milt Calice.

Original recordings and this album were produced by Lou Adler.

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